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The San Martino estate is located in the splendid luxuriant land crossed by the river Piave. This magnificent territory, set between the Dolomites and Venice, is home to all the outstanding viticulture in the province of Treviso. Descending from the mountains and the places dear to writer Dino Buzzati, the glorious river Piave runs through an area rich in history, nature and culture, via the Roman Opitergium, today’s Oderzo, the medieval duchy of Ceneda, today’s Vittorio Veneto, and the sites of the epic battles of the First World War, to flow into the sea at Venice. Traces of this noble past appear from time to time in the soil of our estate, which is located in a borough called “i san martin”. Between the 9th and 11th centuries the ancient church of Saint Martin was built there and dedicated to the Bishop and Patron Saint of Visnà. The church was rebuilt many times over the centuries and was finally irremediably damaged during the Great War. Stones from the bell tower and chippings and stones from the church walls were dispersed in the surrounding fields by the Austrian howitzers, and even today some of these historic fragments come to light in our vineyards.


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