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Tenuta l'Impostino was created in Italy, "il bel paese", known in the whole World for its style, elegance, its fashion and the SavoireVivre, and ancient homeland for the originality and the peculiarity of food and wine in general.

 Tuscany is one of the hearts of Italy, which is also, geographically speaking, the centre of it, and which represents the most ancient and the founding part. A region that, since ancient times, has linked its civilization development with the cultivation of olives and vines, opening the way for the nowadays development of an excelling oenology.

The favourable geographical position, which enjoies by a hot and protective Mediterranean climate, the presence of mountains in the inland and the proximity with the sea, make Tuscany one of the best areas for the production of grapes and wines of exceptional quality, so that the ones still produced here nowadays represent the top of the whole Italian wines production and the reference models for many other young wine regions in the world.

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