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Cantina Valdadige is a cooperative - In italian we call it call it "Cantina Sociale" that was established in 1957, in Belluno Brentino, right in the earth Valdadige valley in the province of Verona, with more than 200 partners. All of them are passionate vine-growers who have been able to create, with dedication and know-how, a paradise of vineyards at the foot of the valley hill. Marco, the general manager, is always helpful and makes sure every new vintage is always up to the winery’s high standards.

References to viticulture in documents date back to 1253 in the “Statuto di Peri” (Statute of Peri) which defined penalties for whoever caused damages to the “Vinea” (the vine). In 1406, under the control of the Republic of Venice, some edicts provided for “the orderly growing of the vines”. The Roman-era archaeological findings at Servasa, in Brentino, made it possible to bring to light some stone tools probably used for processing of grapes. This area has always been a vine- growing region and, therefore, it experienced a strong quest for qualification starting from the ‘50s with the specialization of the vineyards: in just a few years it was included in the EEC list of quality wines (1973) 


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