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Since Summer is coming we are going to add few very enjoyable white wines taht will be perfect for the incoming hot season.




The site of the Mazzolada Winery and Vineyard was first noted in Roman documents in 131 BC. That fact lays to waste most wineries history bragging rights. The Genovese Family purchased the winery in 1985 and immediately converted it to organic farming.

Traminer is one of the oldest grapes known to man. It is thought that at one time, there was only one grape, Muscat. As Muscat's seeds were carried by the wind or birds to other areas and pollinated by other species, it mutated into the literally 12,000 grape varieties we know of today. Traminer was one of those earlier mutations.

It is called Traminer because it was thought to have originated in Termino, where our selection hails. DNA studies showed that it actually originated in Germany, where it is called Savagnin. What's interesting here is that the part of Germany where it originated is now part of France. It's called Alsace, home to one of its finest grapes, Gewurztraminer.

Traminer, on its own, produced a rather bland wine. But, certain vines in the vineyard produced a more flavorful wine that other parts. So, they isolated those grapes and propagated them and renamed them. Some were named Gewurztraminer because gew?rz means "spicy" in German, and some were called aromatic because of the floral aromas.

Either way, this is a spectacular wine with all the spice and aromatics you could name. From honeysuckle to jasmine to mango relish, it was created to match scallops in a saffron sauce or shrimp fried rice.


Enjoy It!