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2012/2013 IMPOSTINO

2012/2013 IMPOSTINO

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When people are looking for wines from Tuscany they often think about Chianti or Brunello di Montalcino, but Tuscany ( as well the rest of Italy) has much more to offer with an extraordinary variety of grapes and wines. Few years ago my brother Piero came to visit me in California and brought with him several bottles of wine from a little know winery in Montecucco. He is a sommelier, but we usually don't get along very well when we talk about wine. Since he made the effort i went ahead and taste them and made some surprising discovery. The enchanting area of Montecucco is nestled between Montalcino and Scansano in upper Maremma in Tuscany. The vineyards are situated on the southwest hillsides of the Amiata Mountain, directly opposite the Brunello slopes; the two areas (Montecucco and Montalcino) enjoy the same micro-climate. The wines produced in Montecucco are pretty similar to the ones produced in Montalcino as they share the same area, but since they do not have the Montalcino "brand" name you can actually get the same quality at half the price... which is always a very good attribute for a great wine! 
In a typical Italian fashion according to Patrizia, the owner of Tenuta L'impostino, the wines in Montecucco are actually better than the ones in Montalcino. You can make your call on that! The winery also has a great "agriturismo con piscina" in case you find yourself visiting Tuscany.....Well I was impressed by two wines: The Impostino DOC and the Lupo Bianco ( it means White wolf). Today we talk about the Impostino DOC, It was very well rounded wine for such a steal price (and rightfully that vintage 2011 got a stellar 93 points from Wine Spectator). We do have in stock the 2012 Vintage which is equally good. This wine is a blend of Sangiovese (80%) and Merlot, Syrah and Petit Verdo.
Clearly the Petit Verdo gives it a rich aromatic complex and finesse, with soft tannins and smoothness. Aged 12 months in oak barrels. Ready to drink now but it is suited to a long aging. You can start drinking it as soon as you open the bottle, there is no need for a decanter for this wine.



Grapes: Sangiovese 80%, Merlot 20%, Syrah, Petit Verdot

Vineyars: Querciolaia

Vines/Ha: 5500

Growing: Royat Cordon

Characteristics of the soil: Clayey, fertile, with a good quantity of organic matter and rich of thin skeleton

Harvesting: Manual in boxes, at the end of September

Fermentation:12 months in Barrels and cement on its lees

Aging: 6 months in Bottles


Of a deep and dense ruby colour, it impresses for the intensity of the fragrance, clean, rich of flavours with dominant notes of red pulp such as well matured cherry and blackberry and with a hint of jam. Following it vegetal notes appear of hay, warm spices and a tip of wood to extend its bouquet. It is warm, soft, full-bodied to taste, with a remarkable balance, where the freshness and the tannin well balance the alcohol charge. The final result long and very satisfying.

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