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I have been importing wines from Vigneti Reale since 2010. I discovered this winery during a Christmas lunch at my sister's house in the beautiful ski resort of Cortina, Italy. My brother in law used to be the ski instructor of  Amedeo Reale, one of the owner of the winery. At that time I tasted the Rudiae Primitivo Salento IGT ( still present in my portfolio), a really good well rounded primitivo which has been a great success for many years as wine by the glass in many restaurants in California. A couple of years ago, Amedeo (with the suit and tie below, he is responsible of the commercial part of the winery) and his brother Damiano ( the one without the suit and tie, he oversees the farm and the operations at the winery) decided to bring their primitivo to the next level  selecting the best grapes in their vineyard and pushing the grapes to their climax with a maturation of 12 months in new french oak barrels before it is bottled and, then, aged for approximately 6 months before release.  I have to admit I have recommending them to do that that for several years as i believed Primitivo - same grape as american Zinfadel wine - is very well suited for the american palate. The results is GLORIA PRIMITIVO DI MANDURIA DOP an exceptional full body velvety wine that is very smooth to the palate even with its 15% Alcohol content. This is a powerhouse primitivo: it has an intense and full ruby red garment and expresses notes of blueberry jam, cherries in spirit, vanilla and oriental spices, while the taste is full and of excellent balance, with the presence of noble tannins that make the persuasive mouthfeel and very enveloping. Not surprisingly this has been one of my best sellers in this short 4 week time I have started selling my wines online and many people already placed reorders for GLORIA.  I am confident to say that at the price you pay for it this wine gives you an exceptionally great value and if you have not ordered yet i would definitely recommend it on your next order ( if you go to the winery website and on their online shop, you would pay more for it there than what you pay on my website - after your discount code is applied). This is true for most of my wines: since I buy in pallets, not bottles and my costs are optimized I am able to provide most of my wine directly to your door at a cost that is similar or even below what you would pay if you go all the way to Italy and buy few bottles directly from the winery. I am proud of that.  Back to the GLORIA Primitivo, it would show best if you uncork the bottle one hour before or use a decanter for at least 20-30 minutes before drinking it, but it shows beautifully even when it is just uncorked, it will just get even better after few minutes in the glass.


Vol: 15%


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