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With  this new shipment we just received from Italy I wanted to expand the line of Prosecco from Valdobbiadene ( my home town) to the very best product that we have. This is Cartizze which is the best of the best Prosecco  you can find in Italy and it only comes from grapes from 2 small and very steep hills in the area of San Pietro di Barbozza in Valdobbiadene.

First Cartizze hills are  truly as steep as the textbooks say, and clearly impossible to mechanize. Second, beyond the inherent labor costs, Cartizze is purportedly the most expensive vineyard property in Italy. Not Barolo, not Montalcino, but Prosecco lays claim to Italy’s most valuable agricultural ground (although some now contest that figure). Having a piece of land in Cartizze is like having a Ferrari in your garage.


The Cartizze vineyard drapes itself in the shape of an upright pentagon across the hillsides of San Pietro di Barbozza, between Santo Stefano and Saccol, just two kilometers east of the town of Valdobbiadene and consists of a mere 107 hectares.
With south-facing vineyards that get maximum sun exposure for great ripening and an altitude that allows for greater diurnal shifts, it is a sure bet that the best fruit comes from Cartizze. Fruit tends to have the best of both worlds – intense ripe flavors as well as acid retention due to the altitude and the resulting diurnal shift.
Cartizze itself is a little sweeter than a regular prosecco.
I only brought in 48 bottles and I am keeping 12 for me for "quality control", so there are only 36 available on a  first come first serve bases. Enjoy!

Vintage : 2020 Grapes: 100% GLERA  Alcohol content: 11.5%